Hello Rescue Family!

I want to talk about goals. Not so much in life, every day, career, that sort of thing. We won't get quite that deep here. Maybe in a future episode if the fans demand!

No, I want to talk about my goals. My goals for this race. My goals for the Blue Earth Nicollet County Humane Society, aka BENCHS, and my goals for fundraising for them. I had three main goals overall coming in to this race. We'll call them "shoot for the moon", "should get there", and "I need your help" goals.

I had no idea what to expect when I started this. At least as far as interest goes. I remember several months ago when I was working on the Running For Rescues 5K Facebook page. The page was private and not published as I was working on it, adding some content, that sort of thing. I added the race day event to the calendar, not thinking anything of it since the page was private.

Well, I was wrong. That event was public. I found that out as my notifications were going off like crazy! By the time I got back to look at the event it had already exploded and I couldn't delete it to re-post later, so I just let it grow. Why not? Looking back, that was probably a bad decision since the website and registration weren't ready and wouldn't be for several weeks yet. Oh well, next year will be better!

As the event was spreading like wildfire, my initial goal of 200 (we're past that) entrants seemed like a breeze. Then I thought, oh my, are we going to hit 500 (doesn't look like it)? I've since settled on 300 entrants for a goal (we have a great chance). I think that's pretty fair for a brand new endeavor, right? This is the "should get there" goal. If we count our four-legged friends, we very well may get over 500. The registrations for dogs to join the event is incredible!

My next goal was for the direct donations to BENCHS. This is the "I need your help" goal. On the race registration site, part of the process is a direct donation option. It absolutely is not required. It is simply optional and definitely not expected. I just want to stress that. These donations don't go towards the race, they do go directly to BENCHS. I won't mention exactly what my goal there was, but let's just say that we are 90% of the way there. That is outstanding! I am so thankful to you all for your kindness and giving. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Sometimes I'm a little too open and honest, and maybe this is one of those times. None the less..... The final goal, the "shoot for the moon" goal was an overall fundraising goal that I set for myself with this event. It was a fairly lofty goal, and does not include the direct donations. The fundraising part is from our amazing sponsors and from your entries to the event. I underestimate the challenges of fundraising, especially considering our late start to it. So, sadly, I don't think we'll hit my shoot for the moon goal. But, that's ok. This is item #1 to push towards for next year.

Yes, I just said next year. Your overwhelming interest and support definitely tells me to continue to push forward and be even bigger and better next year. The goals that I set for this year? They will all be shoot for the moon, and we're going to get there.

Thank you,


Erik Jensen