The Origins of Running for Rescues

Hello. My name is Erik Jensen. I am the founder and organizer of the Running For Rescues 5K. This event has been a long time coming. I’ve thought about it for years and finally approached BENCHS (Blue Earth Nicollet County Humane Society) late last year to begin the planning. I am so very proud and excited for this event and opportunity!

I have run several 5k’s and volunteered at several races as well. With those experiences I decided it was time to pursue this dream to put on an event to benefit the wonderful BENCHS program.

Sadie, 2017.

Sadie, 2017.

My story begins with a rescue of my own. Sadie was just a puppy when she joined my family. My wife Laura and I went to pick out a puppy several years ago. There were about twenty puppies at this farm that was fostering them. They were all very playful, they all came to greet us when we arrived, then went about their business of playing with each other.

One puppy kept coming back to check up on us from time to time. This cute and spunky part German Sheppard/Lab/Keeshond puppy. She wanted to play with her friends, but she also wanted us to know that she was there! In a sense, she chose us. She wanted to go home with us. How could we choose any other puppy than the one that chose us?

I still remember the drive home that day. She went between Laura’s lap and the floor of my truck. When she rode on the floor, she kept barking and growling looking towards the engine in her cute little puppy best. What she was barking and growling at, I have no idea!

One of Sadie’s biggest contributions to our family was to my oldest daughter, Brianna. They were best friends. Sadie was always there when she was needed. Through thunderstorms, bad dreams, sad times, happy times, play times. Sadie was what Brianna needed more than she ever could possibly understand.

Sadie was a wonderful member of our family for over 15 years. She was a Valentine’s Day puppy born in 2002. We celebrated her birthday every year along with the holiday itself.

Sadie passed away this past fall in our arms. It was one of the hardest things we’ve ever had to go through, and we just hope she knows how much we loved her as she went. She was definitely a part of our family, and she is missed.

With that, I dedicate the inaugural Running For Rescues 5K to my favorite rescue, Sadie.

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