Rescue Family Friday episode 2.05

Happy Rescue Family Friday!

As a reminder for this season of rescue family Friday, we will have a special drawing on race day for everyone that shared their story with us for a Running For Rescues 5K hoodie! If you’d like to share your story, message us on Facebook (link in the top right corner of this page).

Today’s story comes to us from Heather. Thank you Heather!

Last year we told you about our rescue family story in the 8/24/2018 post...this week our rescue story continues. We adopted Howie, an approximately 12wk old Siamese kitten rescued off a South Dakota reservation, from PetCo in Eden Prairie, through New Day rescue group.

We decided to change his name to Mayo for a couple of reasons ... 1) Mayonnaise is white 2) in honor of my beating cancer this year with Mayo Clinic-Rochester’s amazing doctors’ help and 3) in honor of Eric's best friend who passed away this month, who's name is Mason ... we felt Mayo was close to his name and a great way to remember him!

Erik Jensen