Rescue Family Friday episode 2.03

Happy Rescue Family Friday!

As a reminder for this season of rescue family Friday, we will have a special drawing on race day for everyone that shared their story with us for a Running For Rescues 5K hoodie! If you’d like to share your story, message us on Facebook (link in the top right corner of this page).

Today’s story comes to us from Cristen. Thank you Cristen!

Here is the story of our pup Lucy:


I grew up with having a dog and I believe they bring a certain loving component to families.  My boys, now 11 and 9, had been asking for a dog since they were little.  I always told them, “When you can walk a dog around the block in the snow, sleet, rain, and bitter cold – then you are ready for a dog.”  In spring of 2018, we casually began looking online.  My husband had a black lab previously and was in favor of choosing that breed because of their temperament.  One Friday evening in April, my boys and I went to the Benches website and saw Roxy.  This tiny little black dog with a perfect white star on her chest.  She had been at the kennel for 30 days now and we couldn’t believe that she hadn’t been adopted.  The next morning we went to Benches and found out why.  After registering to be able to see Roxy, the boys and I went into the playroom where a staff member brought in Roxy.  She was beautiful.  We discovered that she was half lab and half German shorthair pointer.  She had just turned one year old and had been spayed only a few days prior to us seeing her.  She took to the boys immediately and played with them on the floor with various toys.  I couldn’t help but smile.  We found her!  

As they played and I visited with Terry about Roxy’s past, I couldn’t believe more how we were meant to have her in our lives.  She had been raised in a puppy mill in the Cities intentionally as a lab/GSP mix.  When she was 3 months old she was sold to a retired farmer whose intention was to raise her and breed her with a Great Dane.  At 6 months he began breeding her, but it didn’t work.  Roxy was extremely underweight and the farmer was told by his vet that this was not a good idea and she was likely to not conceive.  The farmer, who was also disabled and unable to properly care for a puppy, gave up and consequently lost interest in the dog.  She spent the next 6 months in a corn crib, neglected.  When she was brought inside the farmer’s trailer, she was not potty trained and when the farmer didn’t let her out to go to the bathroom, she knew no better than to reliever herself where she could.  She slept in the farmer’s bed with him for attention.  When he didn’t want her, he put her in the corn crib.  This went on for several months and at just a year old, the farmer brought her to Benches.

Terry recalls that the farmer entered the building carrying a small dog in his arms.  From the look of him, he had been struggling.  Knowing that she had absolutely no room to take anymore dogs, she took the dog anyway.  She had to give this dog a new life.  The farmer said that he couldn’t care for her and wanted her to go to a good home.  He handed over Roxy’s papers and left the building.

When we visited Roxy, she had been there for nearly a month to reach acceptable body weight for adoption.  She was then at 45 lbs, still small for her frame, but healthy nonetheless.  I called my husband, Ted, and said, “You need to see her.  She’s amazing.”  The next day we adopted Roxy and brought her home.  We changed her name to Lucy.  

Lucy has brought tremendous joy to our home.  We taught her how to play, how to go boating, how to swim, how to play in the snow, and that she is loved.  She has quite the personality and sometimes we say that she is my youngest sons twin (as they are both very comical).  We are eternally grateful to the staff at Benches for the support and encouragement needed to take home Lucy.

She is now 2 1/2 and just finally coming out of her puppy phase, but continues to bring joy each day.  

Erik Jensen