Rescue Family Friday episode 2.07

Happy Rescue Family Friday!

As a reminder for this season of rescue family Friday, we will have a special drawing on race day for everyone that shared their story with us for a Running For Rescues 5K hoodie! If you’d like to share your story, message us on Facebook (link in the top right corner of this page).

Today’s story comes to us from Jill. Thank you Jill!

I used to work at BENCHS at the old building on Madison Ave in 2008. A pair of dogs came in that were from Georgia, they were brought up after they had exceeded the hold period to be claimed and were to be put down.

One was Tobie, a 2-year-old a black lab mix, had a few medical issues that required medication and would not be available for adoption right away. I took him home and my then boyfriend and our roommates all fell in love with him! After he completed treatment, I would bring him back for adoption days but each time he always ended up coming home with me. After a few adoption days I just looked at him and knew that he belonged with me, I filled out the adoption paperwork and put the adopted tag on his kennel. I called my now husband and said “what would you say if I told you adopted Tobie today?” he responded with “ You don’t think I knew that would happen when you first brought him home, I am surprised it took you this long.” We soon discovered that Tobie had severe seasonal allergies, after allergies testing, we discovered he was allergic to all trees, weeds, grasses native to the Midwest, and dust. It took a couple of years working with some wonderful vets and different therapies but thankfully Tobie has adjusted to life in the Midwest!

Tobie was the start of our family, my husband and I were married in October 2011 and adopted our second dog that same weekend. His name at the shelter was Harrison however, we renamed him Murphy. Murphy had been returned multiple times; he has some behavior challenges that even at 10 years old we are working on, but he has the sweetest personality ever! Both dogs adjusted so well when we had kids. Murphy loves to get attention from anyone willing to give it, if you pet him you have a friend for life! Murphy loves to play with the kids and generally be in the middle of everything. Tobie is more laid back and is only interested in getting attention if he wants it. Tobie is still my dog though, and sometimes I think he feels like my husband, the kids and Murphy were unnecessary. So in looking for another way for Tobie and I to do something together; we tested with Therapy Dogs International and he became a therapy dog! Tobie was 9 at the time and at 12 years old, he still enjoys making visits.

Rescue dogs from BENCHS extend out into my family as well. My sister adopted a dog from the shelter in 2009 and My sister-in-law did once the new shelter opened. Adoption is the way to go and BENCHS is amazing!

Erik Jensen