Rescue Family Friday episode 2.04

Happy Rescue Family Friday!

As a reminder for this season of rescue family Friday, we will have a special drawing on race day for everyone that shared their story with us for a Running For Rescues 5K hoodie! If you’d like to share your story, message us on Facebook (link in the top right corner of this page).

Today’s story comes to us from Shirley. Thank you Shirley!

When Buddy came to us as a rescue dog from BENCHS a little over two years ago, his “bio” was pretty sad… he had likely been mistreated, did not do well in the shelter so had to be in foster care, was very anxious and did not bond well or easily with people.  During his first months with us, he often would have long spells of secluding, and even showing some aggression. 

BUT… over the course of time and with lots of patience and love, Buddy learned to trust, and became more and more social.  He started to see us as his people, and our other rescue dog, Sadie, as his little sister.  And now he is the first one to greet us when come home, loves walks, and is seldom far from our side.  He is looking forward to “running for rescues” this September.


Erik Jensen