Rescue Family Friday episode 2.09

Thank you Sara for sharing this story.

My story is about the latest member of our family Eliza. My 15 year old saw her on humane society website & fell in love with her a week before we were going on vacation for a whole week. I told her it would be cruel to adopt a dog then leave it for a week. She was heartbroken but understood. She kept in contact with the humane society anyways though.

Two days into vacation she found out she was adopted & was very upset. The day before we came home the humane society reached back out to my daughter & said she was returned for being to aggressive with their elderly cat. We have farm cats of our own so didn't know how it would go but agreed to meet her anyways. My daughter fell in love with her. She came to our house for inspection & to see how she would do with our cats & she did great. Picked on the cats a little they hissed & swatted at her then everyone was fine.

You can tell she didn't have a previous owner since she came from South Dakota reservation. She was very mouthy when you tried to reach for her collar or do anything else she was not comfortable with & got very scared if you touched her while she was sleeping but this past year she has grown so much. She thinks she is a lap dog & loves to play. Can't imagine our lives without this goof ball.

Erik Jensen