Rescue Family Friday episode 2.10

Thank you to CM for sharing this story.

We adopted Paisley from a shelter in WA 5 years ago while my husband was stationed out there. When we went to the shelter to look at dogs she was in the back room all alone and we almost didn't even see her since they weren’t advertising her due to a recent return after they discovered she doesn’t like cats. She also was recently attacked by another dog and had an open wound on her forehead.

We fell in love with her sweet face and decided we would be her forever home. After filling out the application, sending in photos of our yard & home and calling in daily for 2 weeks we FINALLY found out we get to take her home. She had a tough transition as she wasn't very good at sharing her space with other animals but she found her place in our home right along side her favorite human (my husband).

Shortly after getting her settled, doggy dad was deployed and she was the PERFECT companion for mom, she is the best most amazing snuggler on the planet and loves to be active and go on walks and swims. She even taught mom to walk her to petco where she would pick out her own toy, carry it to the register and proceed to carry it the whole 2 mile walk back home.

To top it off she is also an amazing protector pup. She than became the perfect mama bear for our golden retriever puppy who she protects and loves dearly. They are now inseparable. Paisley has been through 3 deployments, 3 moves, a puppy and a baby with us and she has been the most perfect dog we could every imagine.

Erik Jensen